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eFax Free

eFax Free is completely free internet faxing service. It's extremely easy to use and it gives you the ability to receive faxes by email thru a non-local number. If you are not familiar to internet fax, or you are new to eFax fax products, eFax Free is definitely a good enter point for you to learn about internet faxing.

Try eFax Pro today! 30 days free trial.

What you can get with eFax free?

Signing up for eFax Plus is instant and it's very easy. You can get one month free trial on ePlus when you first sign up, you can cancel it anytime within that one month and need not to pay anything.

Check below for details about eFax Free:

Fax number type

Non local

Set up fees


Subscription fee


Promotion on yearly subscription


Receiving faxes

Maximum 20 pages

Cost on sending faxes

Cannot send out fax

Faxes saved online


Free voicemail in your inbox


Free registration

Yes. Register your fax no. free here.

Signing up for eFax free is easy and it's totally free. Click here to try out on eFax Free, you have nothing to lose at all. © 2004 - 2006 | Send email faxes online!