Internet faxing - send faxes in email formWhat is Internet faxing?

Internet faxing is a software that enables you to send (or receive) faxes directly from your computer to any fax machine. Internet faxing doesn't require a fax modem, fax machine, or even a telephone line if you connect to the Internet via a wireless connection. All faxes will be sent and received as email attachment.

Advantages of sending email fax

Why Internet faxing? In case you are wondering about Internet faxing services, here are some of the advantages by sending faxes via emails.

  • Quick Startup
    You can start sending fax via Internet right after you sign up for the service. All you need is a PC with Internet connection, no new equipments or major setup is needed!
  • Inexpensive
    Standard Internet faxing services cost about $10/mo, that's a lot more cheaper than conventional faxing where users will need to pay for the fax machine, fax machine maintenance, and monthly subscriptions for extra fax lines.
  • Flexible
    Receive fax anywhere and anytime from your email inbox with Internet fax.
  • Reliable
    Internet faxing is always 'on'. No paper jam, no power failure, and no more engage tones like in conventional fax machine.
  • Private
    Unlike conventional fax machine where faxes will sit on top of the machine, Internet fax are recieved in your personal mailbox.
  • Easy file organization
    Save space and time by storing and organizing your faxes in digital format.

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Overview on top rated Internet faxing services

There are quite some email fax services offered online, listed below are some of the reputable companies and their service details.

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Internet Faxing

Standard Package

Fax No.

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Trial Period

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eFax Pro

  • Setup fees: $19.95
  • Monthly cost: $19.95
  • Receive 200 fax pages/mo
  • Send fax at $0.10/page
  • Free voicemail service

eFax Plus

  • Setup fees: $10.00
  • Monthly cost: $16.95
  • 130 free received pages
  • Send fax at $0.10/page

Local or Toll-free





30 days

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Personal & Small Biz Faxing

  • Monthly cost: $10.00
  • 100 free sent pages
  • 200 free received pages

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Local or Toll-free

(US, UK & Canada)





30 days

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CallWave Fax

CallWave Virtual Fax

  • Monthly cost: $9.95
  • 100 free sent pages
  • 150 free received pages

Local (U.S.)





30 days

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